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Dennis Vocke

About Me

I’m a highly motivated and motivating leader with 10+ years of project management experience in an industry where “nothing is impossible” and everybody needs special attention. I offer well-structured approaches to a wide array of tasks, quick development of creative & cost efficient solutions to unique challenges and goal oriented communications on all levels.

project management
development (C++, JAVA, Android, PHP, SQL, ...)
strategic thinking
training & presentation
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My Services

I'm a generalist or human swiss army.

So if you are looking for someone who does only one thing: that's not me.

But if you're looking for someone who knows a little bit of everything, can see the big picture and how it is all connected: look no further.

project management

For 15 years I have managed projects worldwide: big, small, short, long, ... What they all had in common was the volatile context and me adapting to circumstances, motivating teams and delivering on time.


Coming from a job with 200+ email per day, going to a job where you have to calmy negotiate with armed actors, I can communicate on all levels and in three different languages.


I have shot TV commercials all over the world, coordinating material and people in the process. In the NGO world, I have managed supply chains, designed, budgeted & built houses, ...


I've worked in various programming languages, used plenty of operating systems, dabbled in most of the Adobe tools, studied computer science and know what I'm talking about.

My Experience

Staying with one comany for life is not in my DNA. I like to explore, change, stretch, adapt and generally do cool new stuff!

Médecins Sans Frontièrs

09/17 - today

Supply Learning Management Advisor

Analysed the learning needs of suply chain emplyees worldwide and developed a career- and learning path, ...

Médecins Sans Frontièrs

04/16 - 8/17

UniField program officer

Deployed the ERP in 8 countries: developed training materials, did trainings, coordinated deployments, helped developing the communication strategy, ...

Médecins Sans Frontièrs, Chad

08/15 - 11/15

Logistics Team Leader

Headed the logistics department: designed and budgeted the new base, managed staff, helped constructing the new building for a health post, ...

Médecins Sans Frontièrs, CAR

01/15 - 04/15

project coordinator

Managed all aspects of the project: remotely managed 70+ staff + 20 local staff, negotiated with official, iNGOs, armed actors, responsible for the budget, ...

Médecins Sans Frontièrs, CAR

08/14 - 12/14

Allround Log

Managed all logistical aspects of the project: supply, facility, fleet, HR, finance - ordering drugs, building warehouses, taking care of the generator, hiring staff, ...

CZAR Film GmbH, Berlin

08/11 - 11/13/p>

Head of Postproduction

Built the department up from the ground: Hired staff, recruited freelancers, designed pipelines, negotiated contracts, customer service, budgeting projects, ...

Slim pictures, Los Angeles

07/11 - 08/11/p>

Assistant to the managing director

Left hand to the managing director: budgeting projects, managing contacts, coordinating CI, chaperoning clients, ...

various production companies

10/06 - 07/10/p>

Assistant Producer

Managing projects and teams: budgeting projects, preparing decisions, coordinating team & material, chaperoning clients, ...

various production companies

01/02 - 09/06/p>

Assistant Unit manager

Managing projects and teams: coordinating team & material, chaperoning clients, ...

My Education

This is just the formal part of me education. I'm a strong believer in lifelong learning, so my real education is ongoing and will hopefully never stop!

Friedrich Schiller University, Jena

10/02 - 09/06

Media Sciences, Computer sciences, intercultural business communication

Generalist studies with practical focus on philosophy and development. Final paper: "Theories of the TV image", final grade 1.7

Technical University, Hamburg

10/99 - 09/01

Electrical engineering

Technical studies with strong focus on mathematics, physics and computer sciences. I did not get a degree, but the mindset & appraoch stuck with me.

Projects managed

100 +

marathons and 70.3 ironmans


years of management experience

13 +

Frequent traveler miles

150.000 +

I am available for Freelance